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The Business of Art

A quick word if you don’t mind…

You know, it took me a long time to get to where my art was able fund my life. Not that it wasn't made to do that from the beginning but because I had to accept that my art and funding my life are two separate things that have I have to make work together. Doing something for a living, means more than just doing what you love for the rest of your life. It means you want your goals in life to be funded by your passion or talents. This is an ideal motive for all of us but succeeding in this is easy...not simple. Doing this successfully begins with understanding how to make and multiply money - which lies in the art of business, NOT the art of you.

Pursuing your gifts and talents with no plan or understanding of how the business around it works is irresponsible and the reason for so many failed ventures in life. Simply letting someone else handle it is also irresponsible and dangerous. Although there is place to employ or collaborate, OWN WHAT YOU DO in all aspects of what ownership entails.

Parents work ahead to make life safe and advantageous for their child's progress and future. Your creative thoughts and products are your children. What type of world and environment will you create to help them grow? Here are a few things to help you set them up for success!

LEARN. You don't have to have all of the answers in the beginning, you must simply be willing to find them. Although these answers will change as needed for your progress, you must LEARN what it will take to succeed in the business of your art.

PLAN. Let your volitional engagement be with calculated intent. Once you have the blueprint or idea mapped out in your head, on your smartphone or even on paper, you will have the freedom and confidence to move forward.

COLLABORATE. Many creative minds like to work in silos in an effort to retain the integrity of their original thought. This can be ideal in some creative situations but may cause a phrenic dilemma in the success of your business. Never hesitate to employ people who have academic, sales, financial or more business strengths than you do. In the brilliant words of the songwriters Ashford and Simpson, "reach out and touch somebody's hand...", go ahead and collaborate, if you can.

CREATE and then CREATE AGAIN. There will be many versions of "the right idea", so don't get discouraged. In the world of business and artistry you should remember that change is growth. However, what type of growth is a question that only you can answer.

Own Your Actions I Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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