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How to Stay at 100%

Imagine yourself walking down a road carrying a glass of water. The glass is completely full and in fact is even spilling over a little. So you drink a little for yourself because you need to be refreshed and you obviously have more than enough for your journey. Your glass is now about 90% full.

During your walk, you run into a friend that’s in need and so you help them by pouring some of your water into their glass. They’re appreciative and restored. Your glass is now only 60% full.

You continue to walk down this road and someone offers you some of their water, to which you reply, “no thank you, I’m good and have more than enough water.” As you go further along your journey, the sun comes out and the heat begins to rage and your water evaporates. Your glass is now only 45% full

On top of that, the heat has exhausted you and so you decide to drink some water for yourself. Your glass is now 30% full.

You then walk into your child who is incredibly thirsty. There’s no way you will ever let your child go thirsty so you give them some of your water. The child is happy and restored. You’re glass is now 20% full.

You’re almost to your destination and over time you have been approached by people, situations and personal needs that have depleted your glass of water down to only 2%.

With the heat, distance and possible obstacles you’ll need to endure on your way to your destination, you realize there’s not enough left. Now you’re stuck. What do you do?

This story represents

the workaholic,

the addict,

the giver,


the know-it-all.

The person that is convinced they have more than enough to give to the world and don’t need anyone’s help, assistance or wisdom to attain success. There is only one everlasting resource from where we can be revitalized, renewed, restored or more. That resource is usually presented in the form of help from a friend, knowledge from a book, connection from prayer and meditation or love from someone special. The power within ourselves even comes from somewhere and something outside of ourselves...God.

If you do not take the time to stop and be restored, helped or taught, you will guarantee a fate similar to the earlier story or worse. If you truly want to assure your success in life, allow people to help you. Rest. Learn from others. Connect with God.

Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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