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Being A Master of Distraction

It does not make sense to see time as your most valuable commodity in life and yet be addicted to bad distractions. Yet the truth is that a vast majority of the world is addicted to perpetual distraction. Distractions that keep us from experiencing both good and bad moments in life are evaded in various ways, to prohibit inevitable processes required for progress.

I once believed that our demise was within our distractions but that is only half-true. Instead of simply focusing on how to avoid or eliminate distraction, one would be better off learning how to master the application and elimination of distraction.

By definition, a distraction is a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. It is also defined as a thing that creates mental confusion or extreme agitation of the mind or emotions. This means distractions can be used for both a positive and negative effect.

For example, if you ever choose to think on something positive in order to keep you from

thinking about the negative, you are choosing a good distraction. Another example is if you should be working on a paper or important presentation, but you keep thinking of people to call or other things to do and you therefore indulge in the plethora of bad distractions. The key to mastering distraction is not in your thought but it is in your action.

Discernment is also important as even good things can cause bad distractions and prohibit progress in your life. Like the person that lost 5 pounds and stopped everything to celebrate and treat themselves to a buffet and dessert, which caused them to gain 2 pounds back. This was definitely a good thing gone bad as their weight loss goal is not extended or defeated. We must be cautious to enjoy but not become stuck on the small victories so we may attain our bigger goal.

Eliminating distraction provides the opportunity for progress. Mastering distraction guarantees it. Learn to master power over the things you allow or prohibit as distractions in your life and you will see your success in greater focus than ever before.

Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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