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Choosing A Master

Are you truly responsible for your own life? It was once said that there are many slaves because of one oppressor. However, one might also believe that there is one oppressor because there are so many slaves. Now where do you choose to place the blame for each one's existence? And even more, where do you find yourself in this statement?

Many of the people I speak to all over this world have been taught that they are a success story, they are victorious people, they are more than overcomers! And yet somehow these same amazing people choose victimization over victory by refusing to take responsibility for their own actions and success in life.

Whether it be alcoholism, sex, verbal abuse, low self-esteem or any of the many other things you could be as a victim, always remember that your master exist because you choose to serve them/it. You have the faith, the strength and the power within yourself to live in freedom....all you have to do is choose.

Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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