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Bearing the Wrong Cross

Most stress comes from fear. Fear of rejection, failure imperfection and etc. Fear is already a hard habit to kick but what’s harder is when you’re carrying the weight of your fears and the fears of others. The end result is a high level of stress.

Many people try to justify their adopted stresses in life, through hiding behind love or loyalty. Some people try and force their stress on others through bullying, abuse of power and more. Too often have I found people embracing stress that does not belong to them. Doing things like this prohibit us from experiencing our best potential in life.

No one was born with a requirement to take on the stress of another in order to prove their love, commitment, loyalty or friendship. Taking on another’s stress does not make you a good worker nor does it cure the problem. The only way you can truly help someone else is by first being at a peak state yourself. Also understanding that some people are committed to their stress and are simply looking for a partner to marry into that commitment with them.

Remember, misery loves company but you don’t have to be that companion.

Let it go!

Stop committing to someone else’s problems. You're essentially bearing the wrong cross! Instead commit to peace, love, joy, wisdom and all of the things that will help you and eventually them live a more fulfilled life.

Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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