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One of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have in life will come through observing the effects of what you've done for someone else. Some people reading this may understand what I mean immediately. For those who don't, I will explain in more detail. You feel it when you look into the eyes of your child as they celebrate something you've done for them. You feel it when you look at the joy in the heart of someone you fed that was once hungry. You feel it when you look into the eyes of your partner and without having to say a word, you can see their love. It is the fruit of altruism, known as fulfillment.

Fulfillment is found when one sees and experiences the totality of purpose. When our activities align with a focus that transcends position, we find ourselves fulfilled. It is more than a feeling, it is a connection and experience that the world can't give or take away. In short, fulfillment is a gift that connects us to God through others. We are most fulfilled when we experience the power and beauty of what is within ourselves. However, similar to a person that gets up in the morning and prepares themself for the day, they don't know how they look for certain until they stand in front of a mirror. That's where charity, love, and humility come in,

At some point, we all have a moment when we do not see the beauty or power within ourselves. We don't believe it's there or that it ever was. This belief works as a shadow that distracts your attention from being able to see your Spirit and your truth. One amazing way to circumvent that is through doing for others. When you do for someone else, you are not simply helping them but giving them something from inside of you. The outward expressions of joy, laughter and other emotions are a testament to what you gave them and thus who you are. When you see that baby smile back at you, you're not simply looking at the reciprocal effects of your're looking at the love you gave from yourself, turned around and looking back at you! The experience is similar to looking in a mirror. You see yourself, for who you are within, through the expression of someone you gave a part of yourself to.

The love I receive from all of my followers, friends, family, and loved ones help me to stay humble, happy, and grateful. I pray you realize the same and never take for granted, your true beauty, your true power, and God who is both with and within you.

Be blessed~

Own Your Actions I Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson


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