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No One Wins by Waiting

No One Wins By Waiting

A human being sheds itself (skin) every day. The Earth’s rotation around the sun also moves every day, causing every sunrise and sunset to happen at different time. Furthermore because of time, every breath that is inhaled and exhaled has and will never exist again after being taken. In addition to these things, the weather and temperature also successfully adjust every minute of every day making no moment the same. With all of these things that change literally every second of our lives making the next second different, it’s interesting that people typically wait 365 days to consider it safe to say they’re experiencing a “new beginning”. And with those new beginnings are new goals, task, dreams and ideas that have been dormant for anywhere between 1 and 365 days or more.

I produce a podcast called Life Chat Radio. On Episode #10 the host discussed the topic “Waiting for My Rocket”, which is the equivalent to having an idea or task that is meant to take flight. However it never does as you’re waiting on “something big” to happen or come to fruition before launching out. Much of the reason people allow a full 365 days or more to pass before making a move is because of this exact thing. Waiting on your rocket to take flight. Hoping, praying and being patient to an extent that exceeds your will and ability to move forward. I recently mentioned in a conversation that no one races to win a lump of coal, they’re in pursuit of the gold medal so they must run fast and with diligence. Even more than this, the more foundational truth is that no one wins a race by waiting.

There’s no need in defining procrastination, laziness, brain farts or immobility as you not only know what all of those terms mean, you’re probably living them out right now. Here are some key ways to break past the start line and create momentum that will push you past the finish no matter what time of the year it is or where you are in your process.

1. Accept the pain

First, understand that you have created a habit of not moving. Habits are often hard to break but can always be broken. With that said, you must expect pain. Humans regularly evade pain. No one is in a rush to engage with what is undesirable. In fact, people typically put up an even bigger fight to change themselves in order to gain what they actually need versus what they want. (Ex. It’s harder for many to work out than it is to stop eating something bad because working out is more painful than simply giving up cookies. Also working out takes more internal merit than the other). Change is the first step to breaking a bad habit and change starts within before it will ever manifest itself outwardly.

2. Pay Attention to detail

Visualization is one of the most difficult steps for me as I am typically impatient and have generally felt that knowing what I want in concept was enough. That was not correct. I have quickly learned that performing or rehearsing an event in the mind trains it and creates the neural patterns to teach our muscles to do exactly what we want them to do. Focus, emotion and imagination creates the powerful tool called visualization that helps us achieve what we want in life. Thus, your road map to success will come through engaging your ability to see what has not yet been seen. Not just the big picture but the details. A race is won one step at a time. Therefore, the details or steps are more important than the race itself. You will never win a race you cannot see yourself winning.

3. Get it together

Prioritize your steps, your goals, your timelines and your life around all of these things. It’s not always easy as looking at the things you want versus the things you need. Sometimes prioritization requires an extensive use of the word “no” which may incur pain and as we’ve already covered through step 1, humans naturally tend to evade pain. You’ll need to call on your discipline and desire to reach your goals in a immense way so you can effectively prioritize what needs to be done first, second and so on. Get a calendar, make a list, talk these things over with a mentor or friend. Remember that these small steps are what get you to the big goal.

4. Alchemy

This is the superpower step. Alchemy was a process used in the Middle Ages that dealt with trying to change or convert ordinary metals into gold. Alchemy in short is the process of changing something undesirable into something you desire immensely. Mental alchemy is best identified through a process called “framing”. Emotional framing is taking one undesired emotion and consciously converting it into one that works for you and is more desirable. An example, is changing the statement “I hate having to work out” to “I love having the opportunity to work out”. It seems corny and unbelievable but multiple studies have proven the efficacy of mental and emotional framing. One personal belief that helped me practice this more is the idea that you will reap what you sow. Therefore, if I want to reap a body I’m happy to have, I must sow the idea that everything surrounding my process to getting that body is something I’m also happy to have.

These are not the easiest steps but to quote former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, “We choose to do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too.” Time to come out of the waiting room and start moving forward. Remember, no one wins by waiting.

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