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Worth Fighting For

Have you ever seen a 3-legged dog running around with its owner playing catch? I have. That dog seemed to be having the time of its life and yet I noticed a passer-by who gasped in horror at the sight of the dog. I thought to myself, isn’t it interesting how often people see pain before anything else? And isn’t it also interesting how the mere idea of a dog with such a hardship still living a happy life could seem unbelievable, even when it’s staring you right in the face? A deficiency can be just as visible as or even less visible at times than what’s regular and yet our attention will focus on what’s wrong without any regard to what’s right about a situation. It seems that many of us are predisposed to the idea that damage means death, but it doesn’t.

What do you call a soldier showing you their battle scars?

Perhaps you’d call them a survivor or maybe even a hero. That same principle should stand for the person who has lived through abuse, failure, rejection or countless disappointments. The point is that what you go through is never meant to be an end to who you are but instead an extension of who you are becoming. Even when your life is shortened unexpectedly, the things you do for others and the impressions you make on this world will extend your presence far beyond what physical life can offer. I suggest we debate our negativity more often. Not simply to talk ourselves into a positive state – as that may not always be the need or the outcome – but because it is worth the fight.

Behind every fight is an incredible story.

Behind every survivor is a priceless lesson.

Behind every pain is unyielding strength.

Behind every loss is an opportunity to learn how to win anyway.

Friends, life is not meant to be happy at all times because that would negate the needed contrast to experience beauty and joy. Consequently, life is not meant to remain beaten, depressed or defeated at all times. Just as the darkest of nights does not last forever neither will your darkest moments… Much like that happy little dog playing catch if you lose a leg learn to walk, run, jump and live at a different pace. I’m sure that dog would rather play catch and have fun than the opposite – what about you? Remember that it’s often the uniquely different and special things specific to you that are worth fighting for the most.

May happiness, peace, love and success regardless of the trial be the treasure you will always value as worth fighting for. Be blessed~

Own Your Actions I Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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