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One of the hardest things to change is how you feel, especially if the feeling you’re experiencing is strong. But what if I told you that as long as you are willing, there is a way to push yourself into your most desired state whenever you want?

Emotion is a naturally instinctive or intuitive state of mind derived from circumstances or mood. Since, by definition, instinct or intuition guides our emotions, it is probably good to truly understand how the two work.

Instinct is defined as a fixed pattern of behavior in response to a situation.

Intuition is the ability to understand what something is without conscious reasoning. So, without having to think with your conscious and logical mind, something inside of you makes a judgment which creates a specific and eventual fixed behavioral reaction. This fixed response or energy gives in to our innate judgment and creates what we call emotions. Simply stated, the energy you have created from within is put in motion through what we call emotion, {Energy + Motion = Emotion}.

So why would you want to change something that's fixed, especially when some of these instinctual reactions to our subconscious judgment have helped us dodge many bad situations? Simply because not all emotions are created equal. And especially because finding ownership and control of ourselves can empower you to create and even maintain your ideal emotional state in life.

If you have a car traveling at top speed coming from the north and that same car traveling at top speed coming from the south, the eventual outcome is a collision of immense energy, chaos, and disarray which leads to someone getting hurt or even death. This is what happens when you answer an emotion like hate with a hate; this is how situations get worse when you stew in an emotion like sadness and allow it to compound itself into depression and perhaps even into thoughts toward taking your own life.

Now, take the same illustration with the two cars traveling towards each other, but this time, one car is going fast and the other not as much. The car with the most momentum overcomes the car with a lesser amount of force, decreasing the amount of damage done to either person or vehicle.

This is the beginning of how you change or control your emotional state.

Remember that emotion is energy in motion. So you can change one emotional state by responding with your desired emotional state with more vigor and intensity. It is difficult to remain angry when you are laughing hysterically. It's is impossible to hate someone that you love. Did you know that if you hold a smile for 21 - 28 seconds, it sticks for 2 - 3 minutes?

Emotions are created by what have become fixed behavioral responses, so you cannot master this practice overnight. But you can become a master of yourself and your emotions if you practice being mindful of the energy you put into motion every day.


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