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Fighting Your Demons

Many people live with secrets. Many hide behind a smile, makeup, accomplishments, and etc. to hide the demons they fight everyday. No one wants to live like this, but not many are convinced there's truly a way out that will stick and not be extremely painful.

The ability to think, choose and act, are the greatest gifts ever given to man. The first two produce knowledge and inspiration. But you cannot create or change anything in life without action. Understand that although evolution is natural, progress is not. Progress takes your intervention. So how do you learn to overcome the skeletons in your closet, defeat your demons and live above your past sins?


You can't fight an enemy you can't see. It is important to not simply pay attention to what you're thinking but trace your mindset back to the original thought that put you where you are? Perhaps you made a mistake that caused you to believe you are inadequate and thus you have lived hidden from the world and ashamed of yourself. Maybe you hurt someone else and never reconciled your offenses with other person and yourself. Or could it be that you are simply unhappy with your idea of your ideal self at this present time in life? Many people force themselves into a depression behind an idea of who they should be instead of embracing the goodness in who they actually are. Look into yourself and find the original thought that put you on this road to destruction.


An alcoholic that blames the bartender for their drunkenness will never defeat alcoholism. Responsibility and accountability are not always as natural as you may assume. Quite frankly, you cannot change anything that does not belong to you. You must own the good, bad and indifferent things that have made you who you are if you ever plan to become better, stronger, faster or wiser in life.


This is a huge factor in defeating your demons. Unforgiveness is like quicksand, the more you try to move, the deeper you sink. This is because your attempts to move forward are standing on a foundation that pulls you deeper and deeper into the past sins that have been committed to you or that you have committed toward yourself. Forgiveness eliminates the need to continue re-living negative issues in your life. It is the ability to live above your mistakes and start a new life in a new existence that no longer includes the condemnation you once carried on your back.

Forgiveness can literally end the fight without you having to make a move. But you must remember that it's not for the other person but instead for yourself. You must forgive yourself for being in the wrong mind, forgive yourself for what you did not know, forgive yourself for who you were back then, knowing that you're not that person anymore. You must also forgive yourself for wanting retribution so badly that you were willing to forgo the chance at eternal peace, joy and happiness in life. You reap what you sow, don't allow your negative thoughts towards an experience to nullify your chance at long-term happiness. You must forgive.

Don't get hung up on the gifts you do not have. You possess the most powerful gifts any creation on Earth can possess and control. You can think for yourself. You can choose to change ANYTHING in your life and you can act when ready!

If you DON'T like it, change it to MAKE IT BETTER.

If you DO like it, change it to MAKE IT GREATER.

And if you were not sure how you feel about it, just know that any progressive change and your life will require you to act.

Own Your Actions | Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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