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This blog will reveal the secret to success for a majority of people, businesses and organizations you experience today. I hope my explanation empowers your understanding and ultimately drives you to action.

In business, ministry, and even in relationships, every person is a servant and participant of an identity. That identity is what drives action and intent. Success is the least found and stable when someone tries to force identity into an already established person, business or relationship. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a circle. The thing that drives our identity and thus our actions and intentions is called culture.

Culture is how people identify who they are, what they believe and even their standard for treating and/or serving others. It is the resolve of one’s beliefs in themselves and the world.

One of my favorite people to listen to in business and marketing is Seth Godin. I’ve read a ton of his books, watched several of his talks and interviews and esteem him as one who truly has a great understanding for how individual value relates to a corporate value. Seth often discusses how it is pointless for one to seek the masses but instead it is best to seek one’s tribe. Why is this true? The answer is culture. Your words, beliefs or actions will not resonate with someone who doesn’t own the same values and beliefs as you do. Therefore, it is most advantageous to do one of two things when serving someone else in business, relationships, and etc. You must empower or create culture.

You empower culture by identifying a corporate belief and making your actions, ideas and promotion expose those beliefs.

You create culture with an original idea that is not owned by anyone else and express that idea through your own unique methods.

Neither of these work if your message does not explicitly point back to the culture. Culture is the bat signal, the mating call, and the pledge of allegiance that gets the attention of the like-minded that value the same thing and thus support and raise your message to higher heights than what you can do on your own.

Another important point is that you cannot force culture on anyone. Culture is a personal truth and just like the truth, it must be accepted. You can only present the truth. And if powerful enough, it will stand on its own to either attract new believers or run them off.

Your family has a culture. Parents typically establish it but regardless of who plants the idea, your family has a set of beliefs for how each member will account for the way they live and the way they treat others. Businesses have a culture. Business culture typically lies in the way they do business in the office and the way they treat their customers outside of the office. Culture can be found in anything that involves people. Therefore, if you truly want to catapult your idea, products, self, etc., you must learn what culture you represent and speak to that culture. And if you truly feel that you are creating a new culture, you must present your new idea and allow people to be drawn to it.

"The real success stories we experience are those where people drive or create culture."

Own Your Actions I Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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