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Your Will Matters

Have you ever seen that interview with Will Smith where he explains how he will never be outworked by another person? It's an amazing interview because it expresses the point of this entire blog I'm writing for you today. There are many reasons you may not experience overwhelming success. But there's only ONE reason you will.

The answer lies within an unrelenting, unstoppable, nearly illogical will to be successful! The majority of reasons people use to justify not reaching a goal are actually bad excuses that they're unwilling to take responsibility for.

You will always CHOOSE what you want and DO what you will! Your will is the center of your spirit, faith, strength, and belief. Your will can be traced to the genesis of success as it starts in the belief that you can do something and then converts its own belief into action and outcome.

If you're questioning why you haven't made it yet or why that thing didn't work, it may be that your WILL did not match your CHOICE.

Your past doesn't matter How hard it is doesn't matter.

Your relationship doesn't matter. Your current education doesn't matter.

The amount of time it takes doesn't matter. None of that matters! CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT and let your WILL take you there! Own Your Actions | Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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