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"Normal" is Irrelevant

I consider myself a young man and yet I can remember living in a time where all televisions were not in color. I can remember shows like Mash, Inspector Gadget and Carol Burnett. I honestly remember when there were only 3 main television channels and the tv stations went off the air at a certain time until 6am the next morning! The cyclical nature of life never fails at teaching us that there is no sense in holding on to a form of “normal” as it will eventually

change. There are many things we try to maintain in our lives because they are “normal” and “right”. From religious biases to style, dialect and more. It would seem that the more people fight for their idea of normal, the more their idea of normal fights against them.

There are some things that never change however and they are the truths hidden between the lines of our experiences in life. These truths are where we find the only absolute and consistent presence in our lives, God. The difference between what truthfully matters and the outer layers that surround it, is challenged everyday through examples like the person who is rejected for their sexual orientation, color, attire or background. None of these things truly make a person who they are within. My color does not make me good or bad just as my attire does not make me intelligent or ignorant.

The only things that matter most in our lives are those things connected to our destination in eternity. The things that leave a legacy and the things that give us an existence beyond circumstance. It is foolish to abstain from joy, peace, love, and wisdom in life for the sake of tradition or ideology. Culture, identity and methods can and will all change several times in our lives, therefore the thing to hold onto is not in these concepts but instead what exists beyond them. It is unjust and irresponsible to judge or persecute someone under the premise or traditional ideology.

Let down your traditions and ideas of normal. Relinquish your grip on “the right way” to do things and learn to concentrate more on the heart of a person or the destination and outcome of an effort. Our idea of normal is irrelevant in the lives of anyone outside of ourselves thus no one is relegated to it. When you learn this, you will have learned how to bless others and accept the blessing of peace, joy and progress in your own life.

Own Your Actions I Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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