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What Four Slaves Taught Me About Success

I recently read a story of four slaves who rallied together around an idea. That idea was for their children and the future generations of others children. What they did was spend years saving their money and putting it into one big pot, until one day they had enough to purchase 4-acres of land. This is already incredible as – in case you missed it in the beginning – they were still slaves.

What they did with their 4-acres of land was, use it to privately educate their children and the children of other slaves from all over. If you could get there, they would get a book in your hands. Years later that plot of land stands as one of many Historically Black Colleges & University’s across the United States of America.

Statements that frustrate me typically start with, “see the problem with our people is...” or “black people’s problem is that they don’t...” and who can forget, "if everyone would just come together...". I am sure you have heard it before whether you are black or not. Broad statements about what others aren't doing tend to negate the power and influence of small movements. Moreover, they distract from the personal opportunities to create something better.

The problem tends to be with patience, selflessness and vision for the future. The truth is that it does not take many people to create a large ripple in time. Nor does it take a large number of participants to change the lives of millions. It simply takes the dedicated, selfless commitment of someone who keeps their eyes on the prize and not the crowds. It takes patience with the process. It takes patience with those who join and stay, those who join and drop off and those who never join at all but will benefit from your works.

Perhaps what is most important to know is how small steps become giant leaps not merely by pursuing dreams but by following vision. When you consider dreams, consider the fact that dreams exist within the parameters of one’s personal imagination. Vision surpasses the scope of our conception. Visions are bigger than we are and thus they come from a source that is also beyond our scope or conception. The one true source that benefits all without prejudice, God.

Much like those four slaves, we all have the power and possibility within ourselves to change our future. However, that change will not come through arguing who is not on board with your vision, but will instead come by walking hand-in-hand with those who are. In addition, when no one else is with you God is there, so you have all the company needed to walk in faith and belief of the vision you have been given.

You can make a difference. You can change the World. All you have to do is keep your eyes on the right source for your strength, faith and belief. Remember, success is the easy part when YOU are willing to do the hard work.


Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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