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It has been said that we don’t have to look for Hell as it is here on Earth. If this is true, would you rather rot in the belief that hell is forever or walk in the faith that it will soon come to an end? This is what our will does for us. It is the heart, the heartbeat, and the blood that runs through the arterial galleries of our faith-producing work. Your will is what makes the man with no legs search for a way to walk again.

Your will is the audacity to run an extra mile when everything else on the inside and out is yelling for you to stop. Not to be confused with hope, as hope gives you something to believe in.

Your will is the catalyst that makes you move towards that unproven and not yet experienced vision. Yet as strong and as effective as your will may be, it is a tool that can only be engaged by choice.

Your success is not a matter of what you are willing to do but instead, what you do with your will. Allow your will to line up with your wants and create a path that may have never existed before. Even when you are dropped into an experience you’ve never had before that can be at times scary and unsure, you can create your own yellow brick road when you believe you can and when you accept the fervent power of never giving up.

In the words of Winston Churchill, "if you’re going through Hell…keep going."


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