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Keep the Change!

How tall can a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can. As a living organism you never stop moving. Be it in one direction or the other, you are always moving. The atoms and micro organisms we are all made of are constantly in motion. In essence, nothing is truly stable but instead everything is always in motion. So goes the same for you spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Many people live their lives in fear and anxiety because of the fear that their comfortable state may change. I can promise you that it will change. In fact, it is guaranteed to change because NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME! However, the problem is not just the fear of change but it is the fear of not being able to have any control of the changes that happen. So how do you deal with that? First you must accept that you cannot control everything - only God can do that - but you can control how you define everything. And with that definition, you can give an

and every change in your life a meaning, an assignment and you can attach an expectation to it. We named an elephant and elephant and now it cannot do anything outside of what we've identified it as. An elephant will never be an ant, that's not the definition, meaning or expectation that was attached to its title. This is the same for your life. You see life never happens to you, life happens for you. So you no longer need to reach for the nearest distraction to make your moment of change seem comfortable. Distraction does not fulfill you in any way. Attach faith to meaning, fuse that with action and you will find fulfillment, peace, joy and purpose.

It’s time to move out and move on with your life. If there’s a bad feeling or moment that seems to be lasting forever, perhaps you haven’t moved or shifted the way you process that thing. There are many reasons people don’t move. Maybe that pain has become the one thing you can count on to stay the same - that happens a lot - pain becomes pleasure because it doesn’t change. You see it as a solid state but even your pain grows upon itself. Sadness becomes anxiety, anxiety becomes seclusion, seclusion becomes depression and depression becomes death. So if your painful "safe place" still moves without your permission, why not let it go and start finding a better way to exist? Everything in your life will grow you or it will shrink you. It will bring life or it will bring death. BOTH OUTCOMES are determined by you and how you choose to use them as a tool or a weapon. Move forward. Change faster. Evolve and embrace all parts of your wonderful life. And be grateful for another chance to grow.

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