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Social Media is NOT your Safe Place

I find It really unfortunate that this must be one of my first messages to all of my friends and followers but I do believe you are all important enough to be told... . If you pay attention you may notice how social media has helped expose just how many people in the world were never transitioned from a need for societal acceptance to inner acceptance. Social media has also helped us realize how many people are without love for themselves or from those that mean most to them. So in an effort to numb or remove the pain completely, we see people take to social media in droves searching for the one or one thousand that will click a “like” button and assure them of their acceptance, their normalcy and even their elitism. It’s become more than simply sharing a memory or a moment. Some now base the authenticity and realness of their most significant events, relationships and experiences on whether it was posted publicly or not. And now we are in a world where the lines are so blurred we can no longer decipher “help” from “hello”. Question: Which is safer; to expose yourself to 10 people you know or to 1,000,000 people you don’t? Although it is at times as hard to trust as it is to heal, you must understand from now on that social media is NOT your safe place! Living your truth for the sake of authenticity and healing is different from living your truth for the sake of finding wholeness. Seek professional help. Confide in family, personal friends and when all of them fail, confide in God as your faith provides the evidence of your hope and life.

Own Your Actions | Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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