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The Most Powerful Weapon...

One year ago today someone decided black lives matter but police officer’s lives did not. He’d come to the conclusion that the only way he could personally reconcile the murders of so many African Americans seen and unseen, was to murder what he felt was the representation and possibly the embodiment of that sin…the police. Today, hearts are hurt and lives are changed but war is not ensuing in Dallas. That is because at some point, we all had to accept that death only begets more death. The aim of all Civil and Public rights activist or movements, the hope of our spiritual beliefs and the core of our humanity is grounded in love. Love and respect for one another regardless of race or background is the only thing that will give us the chance at life in the pursuit of happiness. However, achieving a love that works is hard. Love takes discipline, pressure, commitment and a TON of grace. People shouldn’t always have to die for us to get the point.

Love yourself so you can learn how to effectively love others. It was once said that you must fight for peace which is ironic but true. But perhaps the most powerful part of that statement is what was never said, which is that you get to choose how you fight.

Choose love.

{May God bless the families and the legacies of all of the lives that have been lost due to hate and the idea of supremacy. May their deaths give us life.}

Own Your Actions I Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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