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Success and Soapbox Cars...

Remember soapbox cars? Those little go-karts that you would have to push down a hill and jump into while moving downhill in order to gain momentum. From there, you could steer your way into victory but there were many things working before getting to that point. We have come a long way since then but opportunities for success in life are much similar to those push karts from back in the day.

Not every car is automatic just as how not every success will come automatically. Some things you have to give a big PUSH - work, faith, work and more work - before it starts moving and gaining momentum. Sometimes, you have to simply "jump in" while things are already in motion and point or steer in the direction of victory.

One last thing, much like those old school pushcarts and go-karts, your means of

getting to success may look a little weird to some. It may not look conventional and you may even have to make adjustments along the way to get further but as long as it works for you...that is all that matters. This is your race, not theirs.

On today, I hope you are encouraged to work a little longer and grow your faith a little stronger. Do not worry if your vehicle to success is not automatic. Those push karts eventually evolved into machines of excellence that are revered today. I believe your hard work and willingness to jump in will be the same.

Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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