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After you let it go...

Learning to let go may be one of the most life changing, frightening, liberating, heartbreaking and yet amazing feelings you may ever experience. Whether you make the choice to or are forced into it, there will come many points in life where you must exchange one thing for another. Sometimes it's friendship, sometimes it's love, sometimes it's hurt and sometimes it's happiness. The feeling of loss or a lack of power over your life can become an all-consuming distraction but there is hope in what happens next... . Since the days of the first man and woman on Earth, we have always had the amazing gift to identify and give meaning to everything in our lives. That means we can give meaning to our experiences and those meanings can affect our past, present and future Letting go can often force us into a place of silence. A place where we may not feel that there's anyone around who can hear or understand what we're going through and where we feel absolutely alone. We are often told to fill our mind with opposing, positive thoughts but all of that noise removes the ability to hear that voice within, God, who is always speaking life to you. It's important to listen for that voice as it is at times the only voice that will lead you to life, peace, serenity and happiness. You're never alone. Nothing in your life is without purpose. If you give these things the correct outlook, you will control the meaning and affect they have on you. This is a process that is worth the fight.


Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWIlson

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