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Engage your Spirit!

How do I not just commit my mind to something but ENGAGE MY SPIRIT, I mean ALL OF ME INSIDE AND OUT into something? Well...when I do it right, #Prayer has proven to be the best way to start my day!

It helps me to focus on things that I'm most grateful for, which lifts my spirit and gives me inner joy. I map out the things I want to achieve for the day and in life, which pretty much realigns my dedication to achievement and gives me focus. Through prayer, I'm reminded of how I'm a part of the solution in others lives simply by recognizing that my own blessings grant an opportunity to give more. And finally, the faith it takes for me to pray increases because of the One I'm praying to...and THAT gives me all the peace in the world.

Gratefulness +Joy + Focus + Charity + Peace = Everything I get when I pray.

I'm willing to bet that if you pray more, you may yield the same results or perhaps even greater!

Be blessed~

Own Your Actions l Create Your Experiences @MrFrankieWilson

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