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Dream Again...

Imagine growing up in the projects wanting to be an astronaut. You want to see the moon! Your first opportunity at validation comes from your mother who says to you, "let's try something else dear. Something more realistic". Your next experience comes in your teenage years when your school teacher says, "well you're not smart enough in science or math." You take another hard blow to your optimism when YOU try to engage and take the placement test yourself...and fail 4 times in a row. Your last straw came on the day when someone finally says to you that they're going to give you a shot and put you down to start training next month...and then they let you down by not following through.

After living through so many blows and so many disappointments, you get tired of wanting, trying, or believing. So you settle. You stop dreaming. You stop hoping. You stop believing. You think, "Why try? It's only going to end up like every other experience failure."


The child – in this story – let people (the mother, the teacher, the guy who reneged) and situations (all those failed attempts to pass the test), to ontrol his ability to believe, hope and dream. That kid looked to those people and those situations to help validate and fuel his optimism. Without

them to saying "you can" or "I believe in you", "it's possible" and etc. he lost faith in his own dreams. And this is the plight of people all over the world every day.

The key is to take that power back by putting your hope in you and God’s hands only. No one's always happy, but you can always find something to be happy about. No one always succeeds, but if your attitude is right...even when you lose you win. The scriptures;

Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)”


Be in the world, but not of the world (Rom. 12:2)”

speak to the fact that as believers who possess Christ within us – we possess a higher sense of life than those without. People in the world are surrounded by friends but take their own lives because they feel completely alone. People in the world surround themselves with riches but live everyday unhappy and yet unfulfilled. Happiness, peace,

prosperity, faith, wholeness and more is all possible in your life! But that's a choice that is always yours and should belong to no one else.


Life’s attempts to take shots, be aggressive, refuse to cooperate and etc. are the lowest blows it can come up with because your weaknesses may be exposed. But if you take away its power to hurt you by being responsible for everything in your life regardless of anything or anyone else’s existence...well...there’s nothing else strong enough to affect you. Your negative experiences become defenseless and YOU BECOME STRONGER.

Nothing is without purpose so find the purpose in everything. That goes from people to situations. Even your struggle for happiness at times. ALL OF IT has purpose. But your life will be miserable if you allow anything other than yourself to control yourself. You will remain unfulfilled if you allow someone else to take your dreams, your hopes or your aspirations from you.


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